The IVS system can be fully administered via the IVS Web-based Configuration Utility accessible at the address http://<IVS IP adress> (Note that the default setting is DHCP, so you must determine ithe IVS server address before you can configure it).

To access the IVS Web-based Configuration Utility, perform the following steps:

  1. In your Internet browser, enter the address of the IVS system
  2. If you get a prompt that the website you're trying to access has a problem with its security certificate, select the option to proceed to the website. You may want to install the security certificates of the IVS system on your PC or add the IVS system's IP address to your browser's permanent exceptions list if you do not want to encounter this warning again (See Self-Signed SSL Certificate).
  3. The login page is displayed. Login using the factory default credentials:
    • Username = admin
    • Password = emetr0tel! (please note that the ‘0’ is a numeric zero)
      If you already changed the administrator's password, use your password instead of the default.
    IVS system allows the use of the default password only from the subnet local to the system. If you require remote access to the IVS Web-based Configuration Utility, do not use the default password.
    Also note that by default, the IVS will only allow logins from either the local subnet, the E-MetroTel VPN, or from devices connecting remotely from US and Canada.

    When you login to the IVS Web-based Configuration Utility, you are initially presented with the Dashboard page, which provides operational view of the system. If you navigate away from this page, you can return to it by selecting Dashboard from the System tab.

    IVS Web-based Configuration Utility is compatible with all recent versions of major browsers.

    The following sections describe each tab and page in the Web-base Configuration Utility.