XSTIM - Scheduled Auto Provision and Firmware Updates

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This feature allows the administrator to schedule auto provisioning and firmware updates of a phone based on day and time.
This page provides the recommended settings to enable the scheduling feature. Refer to XSTIM - No Touch Cloud Provisioning for details on how to make these configuration changes using custom PCODEs.

Power On and Repeatedly

This is the legacy feature that allows the phones to automatically provision and perform firmware update checks on a fixed regular interval based on minutes.

Parameter Description Values PCODE
Power On Perform automatic firmware upgrade when the phone is powered on. Yes (recommended)
Repeatedly Check for firmware upgrade at fixed intervals. Yes
No (recommended)
Check for upgrade every Frequency of firmware upgrade check (in minutes). 10080 (default) -

Schedule Provisioning by Weeks

Allows the administrator to schedule the frequency, day and time of when provisioning can take place by weeks.

Parameter Description Values PCODE
Weekly Scheduled weekly auto provisioning. Yes (recommended)
Weekly Upgrade Interval Frequency of provisioning (in weeks). 0 - 12
1 (recommended)
Inactivity Time Expire The duration of inactivity before provisioning can occur (in minutes). 0 - 120
30 (recommended)
Time The start and end time of when provisioning can occur. 00:00 - 05:00 (recommended) P25025 (start hour)
P25026 (start mins)
P25027 (end hour)
P25028 (end mins)
Day of Week The days of the week when provisioning can occur. Recommend to select all days of the week to distribute bandwidth usage when phones need to upgrade. P25029 (Sun)
P25030 (Mon)
P25031 (Tue)
P25032 (Wed)
P25033 (Thu)
P25034 (Fri)
P25035 (Sat)

Schedule Provisioning by Days

Allows the administrator to schedule the frequency and time of when auto provisioning can take place by days.

Parameter Description Values PCODE
Flexible Auto Provision Schedule auto provisioning. Yes
No (recommended)
Flexible Interval Days Frequency of auto provisioning (in days). 1 - 1000 P25037
Flexible Time The start and end time of when auto provisioning can occur. 00:00 - 00:00 
P25038 (start hour)
P25039 (start mins)
P25040 (end hour)
P25041 (end mins)



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