Virtual Fax Overview

Note: Virtual Fax uses IAX-based  SIP extensions. Therefore, each Virtual Fax requires an available Universal Extension License in order to operate.

The Fax tab in the Web-based Configuration Utility contains pages that allow you to configure the virtual fax server on your UCX system. With UCX Virtual Fax, there is no need to have a traditional fax machine as faxes can be both sent and received electronically using this feature. You can also configure your inbound route to auto-detect a fax connection (the Fax Calling Tone - also referred to as the CNG tone) so you can share a single DID number for both voice and fax communications.


The following pages provide details on how to configure the Virtual Fax Server on your UCX system, create a virtual FAX number, send a FAX and monitor a FAX transmission state via the FAX Queue.

Virtual Fax