UCx 5.0 Installation Instructions

This page provides instructions on how to install UCRelease 5.0 software onto a server.


Step One: Install Software

  1. Connect Keyboard and Monitor to the server
  2. Insert the bootable USB drive with UCx 5.0 image into a USB port on the server
  3. Reboot the server and access the BIOS, configure the system to boot from the USB drive
  4. When the system boots from the USB drive, follow the instructions on the monitor to install the UCX 5.0 software
  5. When prompted for network configuration:
    • Select manual configuration of IPv4
    • Enter the IP address in the "IPv4 address" field, the subnet mask in the next field, the default gateway in the "Gateway" field and a valid DNS server IP address (e.g. in the "Name Server" field
    • Turn OFF IPv6 configuration by selecting the IPv6 option and pressing the SPACE bar (Deploying UCx in an IPv6 environment is NOT supported)
  6. If prompted to confirm if you really want to overwrite your hard drive, press ENTER to overwrite the drive. (Note that all hard drive contents will be overwritten.)
  7. Allow the system to complete the installation
  8. You MUST remove the USB device before you press ENTER or SPACE bar to reboot the system
  9. Wait for the bootup sequence to complete and the login prompt to be displayed
  10. Once the login prompt is presented, you can disconnect the monitor and keyboard and manage the UCx Server using the Web-based Configuration Utility

Step Two: Update System Configuration

  1. When you login for the very first time, the Web-based Configuration Utility automatically directs you to the Users page to change the default password of the admin account
  2. Proceed to change the password and save the changes
  3. Navigate to System Network Network Parameters page
  4. Press the Edit Network Parameter button, enter a fully qualified domain name you want to use for the UCx system in the Host field and save the changes.
  5. Navigate to PBX PBX Configuration page and press the Apply Changes bar to generate an initial set of configuration files
  6. Navigate to System- Licenses License Details page, copy the Host ID of the system and send it to E-MetroTel to request a license (see Request New Software License)

Step Three: Enter License

Once you receive the license key from E-MetroTel, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to System Licenses - Enter License page
  2. Copy and paste the entire license string provided by E-MetroTel into the License String field
  3. Press the Save button to activate the license.
  4. Install optional components (if any) included in the license
  5. Optionally you can proceed to System - Backup/Restore - Perform a Backup page to generate a backup file with the default UCX configuration


If during the install process you encounter an error indicating failure to retrieve metadata for a repository, this means you have a network connectivity issue where the UCx Server is unable to reach the UCx Repository Server.

Here are a few things to check:

  1. UCx Server has access to internet
  2. Network parameters are correctly configured, like Default Gateway, DNS Server, etc.
  3. Firewall is not blocking access


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