UCx 4.0 to UCx 6.0 Upgrade Instructions for UCx1000

This page provides instructions on how to upgrade from an existing UCx1000 Server running Release 4.0 to Release 6.0.

The procedure used here is only for UCx servers running Releases 4.0 or earlier, for systems running Release 4.5 and up, please see UCx 6.0 Upgrade Instructions.


  • A USB storage device large enough for a complete backup
  • A USB storage device with at least 2GB for the 6.0 installation image
  • Keyboard and Monitor
  • Access to the BIOS of the UCx Server
  • Internet access from the UCx Server is required

Step One: Preparing the Release 4.0 Server

From the existing UCx Release 4.0 Server, perform the following steps:

  1. Login to the Web-based Configuration Utility using the admin login and password
  2. Navigate to System -> Updates page
  3. Perform a Software Update.
    Note: you will need to disable CentOS 5 repositories if you haven't done so already.
  4. Insert the USB storage device and perform a backup to USB drive (see Backup and Restore)
    Make sure your backup includes all the data you want to propagate to Release 6.0 including voicemail and call recordings.
    PLEASE READ the Backup page and the important space requirements to ensure a successful backup of your data.
  5. Remove the USB storage device

Make sure you have the following information recorded in order to recreate them on Release 6.0:

  • Network configuration, i.e. IP address, subnet mask, gateway, DNS servers
  • Timezone information
  • DAHDI configuration for internal Interface cards (Hardware Detector)
  • Any custom configuration files that were created/modified via the Configuration File Editor
  • Users and Groups
  • Fax Clients
  • Remote SMTP
  • Take note of any optional software packages that were installed (e.g. ucx-qstats, mdse, etc.)

Step Two: Removing Second Hard Drive

From the UCx Web Configuration Utility, prepare the second hard drive for removal by shutting down the UCx1000 Server. See Shutdown or Reboot. If the hard drive is online, the green activity/fault indicator flashes as the drive is turned off. You can remove the hard-drive when the hard-drive indicators turn off.

Perform the procedure below to remove the second hard drive:

  1. If installed, remove the front bezel.
  2. To remove the second hard-drive, press the release button to open the hard-drive carrier release handle.
  3. Slide the hard-drive carrier out of the hard-drive slot.
  4. Insert a hard-drive blank into the empty hard-drive slot and push the hard-drive blank until the release button clicks into place.
  5. Power up the UCx1000 Server.

Step Three: Installing UCx Server with Release 6.0 software

See UCx 6.0 Installation Instructions.

Step Four: Restoring data on the UCx Release 6.0 Server

From the UCx Release 6.0 Server, perform the following steps:

  1. Login to the Web-based Configuration Utility
  2. Re-install any optional Software packages that you took note of in Step One
  3. Navigate to System -> Backup/Restore page
  4. Insert the USB storage device (that has the backup from the R4.0 Server) and perform a Restore from USB Drive
    If you see a warning message similar to the image below, install the missing optional components before attempting the Restore again.
  5. After the restore, it may be necessary to:
    • Create Groups (if any custom groups were used)
    • Configure group permission (if any customization was done)
    • Create Users
    • Enable and configure PSTN card (if an internal interface card was used) - replaces Hardware Detector on 4.0 system
    • Propagate changes from custom configuration files (if any were done on the 4.0 system)​
    • Configure Remote SMTP
    • Configure FAX Clients

Step Five: Reinstalling Second Hard Drive

Once the UCx1000 Server running Release 6.0 has been verified and deemed to be working, you can now reinstall the second hard drive that was removed in Step Two. When the second hard drive is reinstalled, it will be automatically synchronized with the upgraded first hard drive.

Perform the procedure below to reinstall the second hard drive:

  1. Proceed to shutdown the UCx1000 Server.
  2. Press the release button and slide the blank out of the hard-drive slot.
  3. Insert the hard-drive carrier (the one that was removed in Step Two) into the hard-drive slot until the carrier connects with the backplane.
  4. Close the hard-drive carrier handle to lock the hard drive in place.
  5. Install the front bezel if applicable.
  6. When the UCx1000 Server is powered up, data on the first hard drive will be automatically synchronized to the second hard drive. This process will take approximately 6 hours.
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