SIP Trunking Between Mitel MX-One and the UCx Server

This page describes how to set up a SIP trunk between a UCX system and  Mitel MX-One

Configuration Example

For the configuration example in the sections below, the configuration of the UCX and Mitel MX-One systems would be as follows:

  •  Mitel MX-One
    • IP Address:
    • SIP Port: 5060
  • UCX Configuration
    • IP Address:
    • SIP Port: 5060
    • iguration of UCX


Login to the UCX Web-based Configuration Utility and navigate to IP Trunk Assistant page. Perform the following steps to create a SIP trunk:

  1. Add a New Account.
  2. Fill in the following fields:
    • Account Name -  enter a descriptive name, e.g.  Mitel MX-One
    • Enter a User Name/Secret (may not be required)
    • Host / IP -  enter the hostname or IP address of IP Office system, e.g.
    • Set the 
  3. Press the Save button.



Configuration of  Mitel MX-One

STEP ONE: Create a configuration file

The following was the configuration file for the Mitel MX-One:

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