Programming Function Keys on Snom IP Phones

Snom phones are designed to allow function keys to be programmable, even the preprogrammed “hard keys” whose default function is printed on the casing. This page describes how to program the function keys to work with your UCx Server.

Programming Function Keys

Refer to the phone's user manual for detailed description of all the functions. This page provides a list of recommended settings supported by the UCx Server.

Type Description
BLF This function key allows showing the status (idle, ringing, held call, busy) of another extension on the key's LED. By pressing the key, it may also be possible to pick up calls ringing on the extension, to dial the extension when the phone is idle, and to transfer an incoming call ringing on your own extension. Enter the extension number to be monitored in the Number field.
Forward to All incoming calls will be forwarded to the number specified in the Number field. If Number is left blank, the user will be prompted to enter the target number when the key is pressed.
Line Default setting for all programmable function keys. Incoming calls will go to the first free "line" key, and outgoing calls will use the first free line key. Use the Context field to select the desired identity for the line.
Speed Dial

Besides using the "Speed Dial" page on the web interface to program speed dial numbers, you can also program a speed dial key.
In the Number field, enter the complete number to be dialed or a partial number with the rest of the digits to be dialed from the phone. The number must be entered exactly as dialed without any spaces or hyphens. To enter a partial number, suffix with ";number=incomplete".
For example:

Transfer to Used to transfer active calls and ringing incoming calls to the number set in the Number field. Pressing the key once will transfer the active or ringing call.
If Number is left blank, the user will be prompted to enter the target number when the key is pressed. Press to complete the transfer.
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