Panasonic IP Phones

Supported Devices

E-MetroTel has introduced support for the following Panasonic MGCP IP Phone models (other models may be supported in the future):

  • KX-NT366 IP (MGCP) Phone with 6-Line Display
  • KX-NT543 IP (MGCP) Phone with 3-Line Display
  • KX-NT551 IP (MGCP) Phone with 1-Line Display
  • KX-NT553 IP (MGCP) Phone with 3-Line Display
  • KX-NT556 IP (MGCP) Phone with 6-Line Display
  • KX-NT630 IP (MGCP) Phone with Multi-Line Display
  • KX-NT680 IP (MGCP) Phone with Multi-Line Display

These models will be supported  on any of our UCX based systems with the current release of UCX software.  The Panasonic MGCP phones require Universal Licenses for operation.

Note that these MGCP-based phones require Version 2 firmware to be loaded on the phone before being able to supported on the UCX software. This firmware is not available from E-MetroTel.

Supported Functionality

UCX Features:

The following features have been tested:

  • Voicemail
  • 3-party Conference
  • Hotdesking
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Mute
  • Call Hold
  • Call Forward
  • Redial
  • Asterisk-based features available through function codes (eg. *2 for transfer, *78 for DND, etc.)

UCX Configuration

To configure the UCX for Panasonic IP Phones refer to the following:

Panasonic IP Phone Configuration

  • Reboot the IP phone
  • During the startup, the Setup key is displayed on the first soft key.
  • Press Setup key to enter the phone menu
  • Navigate to Network DHCP, select DHCP Enable or DHCP Disable
  • If DHCP Disabled is selected, then enter the Static IP ,Subnet and Gateway addresses
  • Navigate to PBX PBX IP Address → Primary PBX → PBX IP Address, enter the UCX Server's IP address
  • Navigate to PBX PBX IP Address → Secondary PBX → PBX IP Address, enter the UCX Server's IP address
  • Exit the phone menu

Known Issues

The following list are known based at the time of the creation of this document:

  • The line key must be pressed or handset lifted before dialing digits (on-hook dialing is currently not supported)
  • KX-NT546 is currently not supported.
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