Overview - Module and Card Options


The Galaxy DSM16 hardware allows reuse of Nortel/Avaya/Panasonic digital phones with a UCX Server, whether the DSM16p is collocated or remote from the UCX software.  The DSM16p supports Nortel/Avaya Norstar, BCM, Meridian, or CS1000, or specific Avaya or Panasonic phones as identified in the Supported Hardware and Capacity section of this guide.

DSM16 Hardware Versions

E-MetroTel portfolio has included two different DSM16 form-factors. It currently offers a DSM16p Card that plugs into either a Galaxy Expand or Galaxy Express chassis. The plug-in card form factor provides a significant footprint reduction compared to the original DSM16 Modules, which was a standalone box requiring it own ethernet connection, mounting or table space, and its own external power supply. Both versions provide support for 16 digital stations and are configured using the same Web-based Configuration Utility interface. However, the DSM16p card provides support for digital phones from multiple vendors - adding support for select Avaya and Panasonic digital phones in addition to the portfolio of Nortel/Avaya phones that the original DSM16 Module was able to support.

This guide covers topics including the configuration of the UCX DSM16p software. If you have older DSM16 Modules, some of the listed capabilities may not be supported by your hardware.

DSM16P Card

The DSM16p is a plug-in card designed for use in the Galaxy Express and Galaxy Expand platforms. It supports E-MetroTel digital phones as well as Nortel/Avaya Norstar/BCM/Meridian/CS1000 digital sets, along with an array of Avaya and Panasonic digital phones. 

Card Side View
Galaxy Expand DSM16 Card
Front Panel

Galaxy Expand DSM16 Front Panel4



Connection to Digital Telephone Sets
Default IP Address: DHCP 
Type: RJ-21.


PWR Green: Indicates card has power from backplane.
Green: Indicates the card processes are running.
Red:     Indicates an operational failure


When removing the DSM16 module for its shipping packaging, take care that the rear maintenance connector does not catch on the the electrostatic bag and bend or deform the pins and that no plastic material remains on the connectors prior to installing the card in either the Galaxy Expand or Galaxy Express chassis.
If the DSM16 has access to the internet when it is installed in a chassis it will immediately initiate an update. You must wait for the update to complete prior to proceeding.
E-MetroTel recommends that the amphenol connector remains disconnected until the DSM16p has completely finished its startup.