Misc Applications

Misc Applications is used to create a Feature Code that any extension on the UCX system can dial to reach a destination. It works together with other pages that can create a destination, by allowing users to directly dial that destination even if it does not have a number assigned to it. It is most frequently used for testing purposes and to route calls to a destination that does not automatically have an extension number assigned to it, such as a DISA, an IVR, or a Time Condition

To add a Misc Application, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the UCX Web-based Configuration Utility
  2. From the PBX tab, select PBX Configuration
  3. From the left side column, under Applications, select Misc Applications
  4. Fill in all the fields and press the Submit Changes button

Filed Description
Description Enter a name to identify the application.
Feature Code Enter the custom feature code that users will dial to access this application. This can be a star code (example, *7876) or simply a normal extension (example, 7876). This value must be unique and not conflict with the existing dial plan. This can also be modified on the Feature Codes page.
Feature Status Specify whether this feature is Enabled or Disabled.
Destination Select the destination to route the call when a user dials the feature code.

Usage Example

Miscellaneous Destination is commonly used for creating a "Dial 0" capabilitiy for internal calls to reach the Front Desk in a hotel, or the receptionist in a business office.

The following configuration would set the UCX to call the user at Extension 202 when someone has dialed 0:


Note that in this example, you might also want to set this same extension as the Operator Extension (i.e. "Dial 0" extension) in the Voicemail settings as well.

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