Infinity 5000 Series - Installing Loud Ringtones

For customers that have phones operating in a noisy environment, there may be a need to install ringtones that are louder than normal.

Perform these steps to install the loud ringtones.

STEP ONE: Download Ringtone files

  • Right click to download the file: LOUD_RING_TONES_bin.zip_.txt.
  • Rename the file to
  • Unzip the file to a folder, there should be 8 ringtone BIN files.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only 5 of the ring tones ring4.bin to ring8.bin can be replaced. 
If loud ring tone 1 is desired, just rename ring1.bin to one of the supported ring tone files, e.g. ring4.bin.

STEP TWO: Place ringtone files on TFTP Server

  • Start a file transfer client session (e.g. WinSCP)
  • Create a session to connect to the UCx server using the IP address of the UCx and the admin account
  • On the left side window, navigate to the the folder containing the extracted files
  • On the right side window, navigate to the /tftpboot directory.
  • Drag all the ringtone files from the left window to the /tftpboot directory on the right window.
  • Close and exit the file transfer session.

TFTP is enabled by default on the UCx Server. See Provisioning Server page for details.


  1. Login to the Infinity phone's web interface
  2. Navigate to the Management -> Auto Provision page
  3. Enter the UCX Server IP address into the Ring Server Path field
  4. Click the SaveSet button to save the setting
  5. Click on the Autoprovision Now button to install the ringtone files


After the new ring tones have been provisioned, the final step is to select the desired Ring Tone for the phone.

To select the ring tone for the phone, see Ring Type for details.

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