This functionality is not supported on the Galaxy Mini hardware platform.
If you plan to use E-MetroTel FXS 16-port Cards for analog phone connectivity in the Hospitality rooms, you must ensure that the firmware on the cards is at a version level of at least 1.1.33 or 2.2.5.
NOTE: Version 2.2.5 requires UCX R7 - it may also require an updated firmware. Contact E-MetroTel support.


With a suite of the most powerful hospitality management features available combined with the ability to integrate with the most popular Property Management Systems, the E-MetroTel UCX platform puts total guest management under your control. And when you combine our hospitality application with the hundreds of native UCX features and applications you have a complete hospitality and business solution for both your guests and staff.

The E-MetroTel solution not only supports our own Infinity series XSTIM based IP phones, but also supports a broad variety of legacy digital and IP phones from Nortel, Avaya, and Panasonic, third party SIP phones, traditional analog telephones and our own InfinityOne unified communications/collaboration app for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android devices. InfinityOne can also run directly on a standard browser page; this means that your guests and staff can access our powerful hospitality and telephony features from their own laptop device, meaning there is no requirement to download software - just a simple log in and they are connected.

Note that when a UCX extension is leaving or retrieving a voicemail from the UCX voicemail system, the only information contained in the message envelope or mailbox greeting is related to the UCX extension/mailbox.  There is no information that specifically indicates a guest's room number, as the Hospitality package allows for abstracting the actual room numbers from the extensions. Likewise. when calling to or from a digital or IP phone with a display, only extension information will be shown. 


  • Integrate with multiple 3rd party hospitality management systems
  • Power you front-office with business-grade XSTIM IP phones, or leverage your installed base of Nortel, Avaya, or Panasonic IP or digital phones
  • Reuse your current wiring infrastructure to support analog phones connecting via the FXS16 module in our Galaxy Expand or Express hardware
  • Use our InfinityOne client to enable mobile users with laptops and mobile devices
  • Save network costs with SIP trunk PSTN interfaces
  • Support a variety of 3rd party SIP telephones
  • 911 on-site notification - Direct emergency personal to guest rooms
  • Access to 100+ UCX features and applications on a single server, with all devices managed centrally
  • Your choice of Premise, Cloud, or Virtualization solution
  • If you are currently using Nortel equipment you can reuse your line cards and cabinets in addition to telephones
  • Supports call center queues, auto attendant, and other powerful applications 

Property Management Systems Compatibility

We support Property Management Systems that use the Mitel interface.

Determining the Customer Requirements for Hospitality

  1. Does property use a PMS with Mitel protocol or HOBIC system?
  2. Does the property need web access for programming Wake-up calls?
  3. How many guest room extensions are required? Are they analog, SIP, or XSTIM?
  4. How many phones will be used elsewhere in the property? Are they XSTIM digital or IP, or SIP?
  5. If they are using analog phones, is the wiring all terminated in MDF, or distributed in multiple locations?0
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