Release 7.0 Update Process

Please ensure that you have read through ALL sections of this UCX Release 7.0 update procedure before using the UCX Imager tool on any system. Using the UCX Imager tool on a system that has not been properly updated and backed up can cause complete loss of configuration data and licenses.


The key content of UCX Release 7.0 is described in UCX 7.0 and InfinityOne 4.0 General Availability.

Your system MUST be running Release 6.0 or Release 5.0 with active Software Support on a supported Galaxy hardware platform (Mini, 250, 2930, i5, 450, 1000, 3000) before attempting to update the system to UCX Release 7.0. 
Updates to UCX Release 7.0 on customer-provided custom hardware platforms are not guaranteed to be successful. If the update cannot be completed successfully then new Galaxy hardware or a Virtualized UCX  solution will be required.

Table of Contents

1.0 UCX Imager Tool (for use on Appliances)
1.1 UCX Imager Modes of Operation;
1.2 UCX Imager User Interface Requirements
1.3 Applicable Platforms
1.4 Reuse of UCX Imager tool
1.5 UCX Imager Process failures
2.0 Preparing to Reimage to R7
3.0 Preparing to update to InfinityOne 4.0
4.0 Reimaging UCX 6.0 systems with the UCX Imager Tool
4.1 Galaxy Mini using the Front Panel RST button and RUN LED;
4.2 Galaxy 250 using the Front Panel LCD Display and Menu Keys
4.3 Galaxy Mini, 250, 2930, i5, 450, 1000, 3000 using SSH
4.4 Galaxy 250, 2930, i5, 450, 1000, 3000 using Keyboard and Monitor
4.5 Adjusting the BIOS (when required)
5.0 Completing the Reimage to UCX 7.0 Process
6.0 Completing the Update to InfinityOne 4.0
7.0 Upgrade process for Virtual Machines

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