Feature Key Mode


Feature Key Mode is enabled and disabled in the XSTIM Settings page, under the section Advanced General Settings.
When set to Enabled, it makes XSTIM phones operate like Nortel BCM phones by displaying a Feature key that is used to invoke feature codes.

This page describes some of the features available on XSTIM Phones when Feature Key Mode is enabled.

Soft Keys

Missed Calls

The Calls soft key will appear when there are missed calls since the last use of the phone. On pressing the Calls soft key, details of the missed call will be displayed.

Voice Messages

The VMsg soft key will appear when there is one or more voice message in the phone's mailbox. On pressing the VMsg soft key, the user will enter the extension's voice mailbox.

Key Labels

Do Not Disturb

The default labels for the Make Set Busy or Do Not Disturb feature key will be listed as DND.

When Feature Key Mode is disabled, the default label will be listed as MSB.

When Feature Key Mode is enabled, XSTIM phone users will not be able to press their Line extension key twice as a shortcut for the Last Number Redial function.