DG - Shutdown

In certain situations, you may want to turn off or restart your UCx Digital Gateway. In many cases, users simply disconnect and reconnect the power cord to reboot their system. We do not recommend this approach, because disconnecting the power may leave the file system with some files open and/or only partially written. Even though the system is designed to recover from such situations, a file system check is typically required during the next system startup (this operation can add up to several minutes to your system startup time). Due to that, the use of the UCx Digital Gateway Web-based Configuration Utility is strongly recommended when shutting down or restarting the gateway.

To turn off or restart your UCx Digital Gateway, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the UCx Digital Gateway Web-based Configuration Utility
  2. From the System tab, select Shutdown
  3. Select the desired action (Halt to stop the system before you power it down or Reboot to restart the system) and press the Proceed button to initiate the action.
  4. When turning off a BCM based UCx system, the BCM LED indicators will first change to "solid green - flashing orange" and after a short while to "off - solid orange". Once the system is in this state, you must wait for approximately 15 seconds - after that, you can disconnect the power from the BCM system.

Note: When you initiate shutdown or restart of your UCx Digital Gateway, active calls are dropped without any warning!