Custom Destinations


Custom Destinations allow you to register custom dialplan destinations that are 'published' as available destinations to other modules.

This is an advanced feature and should only be used by knowledgeable users.

To access the Custom Destinations page, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the UCX Web-based Configuration Utility
  2. From the PBX tab, select PBX Configuration
  3. From the left side column, select Custom Destinations located under Inbound Call Control

Field Description
Custom Destination

This is the custom destination to be published. This field must be formatted exactly as expected by the Asterisk dialplan goto statement. That is:


For example, to create a custom destination to simulate an incoming call from PSTN with DID 555-1234, the text entered should be:


Destination Quick Pick Choose un-identified destinations on your system to add to the Custom Destination Registry. This will insert the chosen entry into the Custom Destination field above.
Description Brief description that will be published to modules when showing destinations.
Notes More detailed notes about the destination to help document it. This field is not used anywhere else.



One example for using Custom Destinations is to simulate incoming PSTN calls to test your inbound routes.

Step One

Create the Custom Destination. The Description field will be published as a destination in other modules. 

Step Two

Create the Misc. Application that will associate a feature code with the custom destination.

Step Three

From any internal phone, dial the feature code assigned in Step Two. The system will then simulate an incoming pstn call from 2145551234. You can then validate how your inbound routes are working when receiving this call.