Creating an AWS Account

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Environment

Instructions on how to create an AWS account. While Amazon provides many tutorials at all level of details, the following is a brief outline of the steps required.

Creating an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account

Amazon advertizes that you can start an AWS account for with 12 months of free tier access. While this is true, during the account creation process you will need to supply a credit card as their system will optionally allow you to enable functionality that is not included under their free pricing tier. Once you have configured your account, have familiarized yourself with the basic principles of operation, and are ready to install the UCX software, you will be required to configure some services that are not included in the free tier.

To create a new AWS account:

  1. Go to and click Create an AWS Account at the bottom of the page (first image below), or you can click here to automatically go to the new account page (second image):
  2. Enter the required credentials (Email, Password, Account Name) and click Continue
  3. Enter the personal Contact Information details, click the checkbox regarding the AW Customer Agrrement, and click Create Account and Continue
  4. Enter your Payment Information and click Verify and Add
  5. Complete the Confirm your Identity page, including adding a cell phone number and the security check. You may choose to receive a code either via text or voice call, then click the Send Text or Contact Me buttons
  6. Enter the four digit code your receive and click Verify Code; if you are successful you will be notified, then click Continue
    AWSCreateAccountVerificationCode.png      AWSCreateAccountVerified_0.png
  7. You will then need to pick a plan (you can always start with the Free one!)
  8. Your account will have been fully created and you may Sign In to the Console
  9. Sign in as Root User with the email you entered originally, followed by your password on the next screen
  10. Review your account settings

At this point you are ready to begin preparing for the instructions found in Deploying the UCx server in a Self-Managed Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.

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