BCM and UCx Feature Codes Comparison

BCM Feature Name Feature <code> BCM UCX Notes
System Speed Dial 0 Yes Yes  
Button Inquiry *0 Yes Yes  
Messages - Send 1 Yes No  
Messages - Cancel Send #1 Yes No  
Autodial - External *1 Yes Yes  
Ring Again 2 Yes Yes  
Ring Again - Cancel #2 Yes Yes  
Autodial - Internal *2 Yes Yes  
Conference Call  3 Yes Yes  
Conference Call Cancel #3 No Yes  
Memory Buttons - Program *3 Yes Yes  
Call Forward 4 Yes Yes  
Call Forward - Cancel #4 Yes Yes  
Personal Speed Dial - Add/Chg *4 Yes No  
Last Number Redial 5 Yes Yes  
Language - Primary *501 Yes Yes  
Language - Alternate *502 Yes Yes  
Language - Alternate 2 *503 Yes Yes  
Language - Alternate 3 *504 Yes Yes  
Time Zone Re-adjust (ip phones) *510 Yes Yes  
System Wide Call Appr (SWCA) *521 to *536 Yes No  
Find Oldest SWCA *537 Yes No  
New Newest SWCA *538 Yes No  
Silent Monitor *550 Yes No  
Ring Type  *6 Yes Yes  
Page  60 Yes Yes  
Page - Internal (phone spkrs) 61 Yes Yes  
Page Internal Zone 1 - 6   No Yes Feature codes 611 - 616 on the UCx.
Page - External (ext. spkrs) 62 Yes Yes


F62 or *62 on Galaxy Mini activates paging via the SPKR port.
Not supported on other Galaxy or UXc systems.
Page - Combined (int & ext) 63 Yes No  
Line Pool 64 Yes No  
Messages - View 65 Yes No  
Voice Call 66 Yes Yes  
Saved Number Redial 67 Yes No  
Class of Service 68 Yes No  
Priority Call 69 Yes No  
Contrast Adjustment *7 Yes Yes  
Transfer 70 Yes Yes  
Transfer Cancel #70 Yes Yes  
Link 71 Yes Yes  
Auto Hold 73 Yes No  
Auto Hold Cancel #73 Yes No  
Call Park 74 Yes Yes  
Group Pickup 75 Yes Yes  
Directed Pickup 76 Yes Yes  
Call Duration Timer 77 Yes Yes  
Pause 78 Yes No  
Exclusive Hold 79 Yes No  
Ring Volume *80 Yes Yes  
Line Buttons move *81 Yes No  
Camp-on 82 Yes No  
Dialing Mode *82 Yes No  
Privacy (on/off) 83 Yes No  
Line Redirection 84 Yes No  
Line Redirection Cancel #84 Yes No  
Call Log Options *84 Yes No  
Do Not Disturb 85 Yes Yes  
Do Not Disturb Cancel #85 Yes Yes  
Call Log Password *85 Yes No  
Background Music 86 Yes No  User defined - See Background Music
Background Music Cancel #86 Yes No  
Voice Call Deny 88 Yes No  
Voice Call Deny Cancel #88 Yes No  
Trunk Answer 800 Yes No  
Call Queuing 801 Yes No  
Group Listening 802 Yes No  
Group Listening Cancel #802 Yes No  
Time (speaking clock) 803 Yes Yes  
Wait for Dial Tone 804 Yes No  
Test Telephone Display 805 Yes Yes  
Static Time 806 Yes Yes  
Static Time Cancel #806 Yes Yes  
Ringing (Signal) Call 807 Yes No  
Long Tones 808 Yes No  
Call Information 811 Yes Yes  
Call Log - View Information 812 Yes Yes NOT supported on phones that have single line display screens and do not have soft keys.
Call Log - Manual 813 Yes No  
Call Log - Delete Items 815 Yes No  
Call Charge Indication 818 Yes No  
Name and Number Blocking 819 Yes Yes  
Name and Number Blocking Cancel #819 Yes Yes  
View Active Services 870 Yes No  
Turn Ringing Service On 871 Yes No  
Turn Ringing Service Off #871 Yes No  
Turn Restriction Service On 872 Yes No  
Turn Restriction Service Off #873 Yes No  
Alarm Time 875 Yes No  
Alarm Time Cancel #875 Yes No  
Room Condition (room set) 876 Yes No  
Alarm Time (HS admin) 877 Yes No  
Room Condition (HS admin) 878 Yes No  
Room Occupancy 879 Yes No  
Malicious Call ID (MCID) 897 Yes No  
Logger Time Stamp   No Yes Feature code 9*9 on the UCx
Run/Stop *9 Yes No  
Callers can enter account codes for any incoming or outgoing calls 900 Yes No  
IP Services List *900 Yes No  
Contact Center Agent login/logout 904 Yes Yes Feature code 901 on the UCx
Contact Center Agent Make Busy/Ready 908 Yes Yes Feature code 902 on the UCx
Contact Center Queue Status 909 Yes No  
MeetMe Conferencing 930 Yes No  
Find Me/Follow Me Transfer 960 Yes No  
Directory Service (dial by name)   No Yes Feature code 960 on the UCx
Text Paging 970 Yes No  
Transfer (Blind)   Yes Yes Feature code 970 ON the UCx
Voice Mail Leave Message 980 Yes Yes  
Voice Mail Login 981 Yes Yes  
Voice Mail Operator Settings 982 Yes No  
Call Forward to Voice Mail 984 Yes Yes  
Display Voice Mail DN skillset or IVR DN 985 Yes Yes  
Transfer to  Mailbox 986 Yes Yes  
Voice Mail Interrupt 987 Yes No  
Voice Mail Direct 988 Yes No  
Record Call 989 Yes Yes  
PCR Start Call Record 995 Yes No  
PCR Stop Call Record 996 Yes No  
PCR Add Time Marker to Call 997 Yes No  
PCR Enable/Disable auto call record 998 Yes No  
IP Hot Desking *999 Yes Yes  
Ip Hot Desking Cancel #*999 Yes Yes