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Existing System Quotes


After entering the Serial Number of an existing system, the quote tool will retrieve and show available information about that particular system.

You can confirm that the serial number you entered matches the system you are planning to modify as the tool will provide the Customer Name and the part number of the UCX server card. It also will provide the current SW Subscription and Hardware Warranty dates on record as well as the Service Level for this system. The tool also will retrieve the number of Basic, Standard, and Universal extensions already licensed for this system as well as the number of  SRG and High Availability licenses, and any of the existing E-MetroTel SIP Trunking relating information.

Extensions and Applications for Existing System


You may add additional Extension related licenses as required. Quote pricing for these items are shown as One Time charges. No validation of total extensions versus existing system capacity is provided.

Likewise, the Quote tool retrieves the existing Application license quantities. Additional licenses can be added as required. Quote pricing for these items are shown as One Time charges.

Pricing for the Annual SSL Certificate and Monthly InfinityOne Video Conferencing selections, if chosen, will be included in the actual quote when it is generated.

Once you have made the desired additions to the Extensions and Applications section, click Save.

Hardware for Existing System



The Hardware subsection identifies the actual Appliance system that is associated with the Serial Number of the existing system. In the above example the existing system is a Galaxy Expand 11-slot chassis. You may select additional appliances but you cannot change the existing device.

Gateway and Cards

Any child devices that have been activated against the parent serial number will be listed in the in the header portion of the Gateway and Cards subsection. In the above example the existing system is associated with a single Galaxy DSM16p Card. Additional Gateways and Cards can be selected for this quote.

Once you have made the desired additions to the Hardware section, click Save.

SIP Trunk Services


If there are existing SIP Trunk details, they will be summarized in the top of this section. 

Once you have made the desired additions to the SIP Trunks section, click Save.

SIP Trunk Rules

SIP Trunks

Entering any number of SIP Trunks will automatically add a quantity of one (1) to the DID Number and E911 Listing entries in the Services - Monthly section as well as to the New SIP Trunk Setup quantity in the Services - One Time section.. At least one of each is always required.  If additional DID Numbers and E911 Listings are desired, enter the actual number for each.

DID Number

Entering any number of DID Numbers will automatically add a SIP Trunk with a New SIP Trunk Setup entry if these fields are currently blank (0), and will ensure that the New DID Number Setup entry is at least equal to the number entered in the DID Number field. You may order more than one DID number per SIP trunk.

E911 Listing

This entry is independent of DID Number quantity, but must always be at at least 1 if any number of SIP Trunks are included. If it is deleted from the quote tool prior to saving, it will be re-added automatically if there are any SIP trunks in the quote.

International Dialing

This is an optional field, but only an entry of one (1) is permitted (it will apply to all SIP trunks).

New SIP Trunk Setup

This entry can be greater than the SIP Trunk quantity, but must always be at at least the number of SIP Trunks included. If any automatic entries are deleted from the quote tool prior to saving, they will be re-added automatically to match the SIP trunks in the quote.

New DID Number Setup

This entry can be greater than the DID Number quantity, but must always be at at least the number of DID Numbers included. 

Porting DID Number

Entering any number into the Porting DID Numbers are to be ported, at least an equal number of DID Numbers will be entered, and any of the SIP TrunkE911 Listing, and New SIP Trunk Setup fields that are currently blank (0) will automatically updated to a value of one (1).

SIP Trunk Pricing

You will see the MSRP and the per unit Buy Price for the SIP Trunk items on each line item. When purchasing an Appliance, Extensions and Applications are only available as a One Time purchase. Once you have entered a quantity, the One Time price total in the Hardware bar will be increased to reflect the total extended price of all equipment in the order:

Saving your SIP Trunk Configuration

Once you have completed your inputs to the SIP Trunk section click the Save button.

Software and Hardware Subscriptions


The existing Activation and Expiration dates for Software Subscription and Hardware Warranty for the existing system are shown. Subscription Services add-on choices for Software Subscription and Hardware Warranty are limited to a adding a single year subscription for one or both, depending on the time the system has been in service.

Saving your Software Configuration

Once you have completed your inputs to the Software section click the Save button.

Quoting Out

When you have added your desired quantities to the quote tool for an Existing System quote and have saved all the sections, you may proceed to creating the quote. Refer to Quoting Out

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