Omnichannel – Queued Chats

Viewing Queued Chats

The following explains the interactions and how-to for Agents and Queued chats.

  1. To interact with queued chats, agents must set their status to available. To do so, click the Availability icon on the left-hand side next to the grayed out Omnichannel. When it is green the agent’s status is set to Available; a grey color indicates the setting is Unavailable.
  2. On the left, if Agent is available they will see Queued Chats
  3. Click on the name of the Queued Chat to interact with it.
  4. If Agent wishes to take Queued Chat, go to the bottom and click Take it!. Once an Agent has taken a queued chat it is no longer shown on other Agent’s queued chats and must be handled by the Agent that accepted it into theie Chats in Progress. Refer to Omnichannel: Chats in Progress for additional details.