The Wallboard standalone application on Release 5.0 is no longer supported from Release 6.0 and up. For Wallboard application from Release 6.0 and up, please see InfinityOne Release 2 - Wallboard Application.

Feature Description

The UCX Wallboard application is designed to give a summary of the call centre operation at a given time. This application is mainly implemented to display various statistics from the call operation among Agents belonging to a certain queue. The statistics that are displayed on the wallboard application are:

  • Total Calls: Total number of calls is obtained by adding calls that have been answered, calls that are presently in the queue and the calls that have been abandoned
  • Answered Calls: The total number of calls that have been answered by the agents
  • Calls Waiting: Total number of Calls that are presently waiting in the queue
  • Abandoned Calls: Total number of Calls that entered this specific queue but the caller disconnected before being answered by an agent
  • Abandoned Percentage: Total Percentage of abandoned Calls that entered this specific queue.
  • Longest wait in Queue: Longest time a call has waited in the queue before being answered by an agent or the caller abandoned the call
  • New Voice Mails: Total number of voice mails in the specified mail box.

The following information regarding Agents are also displayed, while they are established on a Queue or Non Queue call. This information is displayed for all agents belonging to the Queue selected.

  • Agent ID: This is the Extension of the agent configured on the Asterisk Manager Interface
  • Name: This is the name of the Agent
  • CLID: Caller ID information
  • Status: Status of the call, like Idle, Not Ready, Not Available, On Call etc.
  • Call Type: Type of the call established, like CC or Non CC call.
  • Duration: This is the duration of time the agent is on a call or sitting idle


The UCX Wallboard application is a windows based application which can be installed on a windows computer. This application is installed using the UCX Wallboard installer program (UCX Wallboard.msi) which is downloaded from UCX Administration. The installation process is just like any other windows based application install.


The Wallboard application must be installed on a 64-bit operating system running Windows 7 and up.

Upgrade your UCX server to the latest software version. (See Software Update in the Administration Guide for details on how to upgrade your software.)

The UCX Wallboard application requires a license with access to the application. to be installed before it can be used. First obtain the license and then install the license code. (See Licenses in the Administration Guide for instructions on how to obtain and install a new license.)

There should be one or more queues configured with one or more agents belonging to each of the queues.


A maximum of 4 instances of the UCX Wallboard application can be running at any one time on a computer. If you need more than 4 instances of the Wallboard to be running at the same time, you will need to run them on a different computer.

Step 1 – Download the application installer

To download the Wallboard application installer, perform the following steps:

  1. Open UCX Administration
  2. From the Extras tab, select Downloads
  3. From the left side column, select UCX Desktop Applications (or E-MetroTel Applications on R4.0)
  4. Use the download link UCxWallboard to download the UCxWallboard.msi installer file onto your computer


Step 2 – Install the Wallboard application

To install the application, perform the following steps:

  1. On your computer, locate the downloaded installer file from the previous step
  2. Double click on the file to launch the installer
  3. Follow the instructions on the installer window

Once the installation is complete, a UCX Wallboard icon will be placed on your desktop.


The UCX Wallboard application can be upgraded to a newer release whenever there is a newer version of the application installer available for download from UCX Administration - Applications page. The installer will take care of uninstalling the previous version and installing the new one in an upgrade scenario.


Prior to launching the UCX Wallboard application, please make sure you complete the required configuration steps described in the next section.

Step 3 – Configure the UCX Server

For the Wallboard application to function properly, the following configuration is required:

  • Configure Queue Options
  • Create an Asterisk manager interface

Configure Queue Options

See Queues in the Administration Guide for details on how to configure queues.

The following is required only for systems running Release 5.0 and below.

Make sure the following two fields under Events, Stats and Advanced section are set to Enabled:

  • Event When Called
  • Member Status Event

Create Asterisk Manager Interface

The Asterisk Manager interface is necessary because this is the interface where the Wallboard application attempts to connect to the UCX server to collect queue and agent information.

To create the Asterisk Manager interface, perform the following steps:

  1. Open UCX Administration
  2. From the PBX tab, select PBX Configuration
  3. From the left side column, select Asterisk API
  4. Enter a descriptive name for the Manager name (e.g. agent)
  5. Enter a password for the Manager secret
  6. The default values for the Deny and Permit fields are “” and ““, this effectively blocks all devices on the network except for applications running on the UCx itself.
    If you want to allow devices on your local subnet (e.g. to use this account, then modify the Permit field to: “”“.

    (Use the “&” character as a separator for multiple networks.)

  7. Select both Read and Write check boxes for the following fields:
    • system
    • call
    • command
    • agent
    • user
    • config
    • reporting

Application Workflow

To launch the Wallboard application, double click on the Wallboard icon on your computer desktop. The application window will be displayed.

A message will appear on the bottom of the application window, indicating that the server credentials need to be set. To update the server credentials perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the top menu, select View -> Server Configuration
  2. Enter the UCX server host name or IP address
  3. Enter the Manager User Id and Password as configured for the Asterisk Manager Interface
  4. Press the Connect button to initiate connection with the UCX server

Once the connection to the UCX server is established, the application first checks if the UCX server is licensed to use the application. If not, then a message is displayed and the application exits when the OK button is pressed.

Once the application verifies that the license allows access to the Wallboard application, the Wallboard application will proceed to launch the Queue Selection window.

All the configured queues will appear in the Queue pull down list. Only one queue can be selected at a time.

Select the desired queue number from the Queue pull down list.

There are three other options available in this window:

  • Fail Over Destination Mailbox – Enter the mailbox number and the application will connect to the server and collect the number of voice mails in the mailbox.
  • Reset Queue Stats – Selecting this checkbox will reset the stats, it does not affect the actual stats in the Calll Center Reporting. This ability allows Agent stats to be viewed each day with a “clean slate” as far as total number of calls or abandoned calls or answered calls are concerned.
  • Display Chart – Selecting this checkbox will display a chart on the Wallboard application with some agent related information, as in how many agents are Idle, on a Non CC call, in Not Ready State and Ringing State.

The application window shown below is an example of the Wallboard display with Display Chart selected, and also the Fail Over Destination Mailbox number entered.

Another example of the Wallboard display after a few calls coming in and out of the agent queue with agent call stats updated live.

The application can be launched for a different queue number by selecting from the top menu View -> Queue Configuration . You can update the options as well.

If the Fail Over Destination Mailbox number is not entered, the Voice Mails box will not be displayed on the Wallboard.

If the option to Display Chart is not set, then the pie chart will not be displayed on the Wallboard display.


When a queue call comes in and an Agent answers the call and later the Agent tries to transfer that queue call to another agent, the display of "CLID" and "Call Type" information of the original Queue call on the Wallboard application is not accurate. The Wallboard application displays the CLID of the Agent who initiated the transfer and Call Type is displayed as "Non CC" .