UCX Administration
MGCP Settings

Before you start creating extensions for MGCP phones, you should review options configured for MGCP devices.

To configure common options used for all MGCP devices (phones), perform the following steps:

  1. From the PBX tab, select PBX Configuration
  2. From the left side column, select MGCP Settings
  3. Review the configured defaults
  4. If you made any changes in the settings for MGCP phones, press the Submit Changes button to save the configuration

You should review and change the default values for some of the options as required: 

NAT Settings

Update the NAT specific configuration options to match your network configuration.



Jitter Buffer Settings

If you have MGCP external devices (phones or trunks) that are not located on your local subnet, you should set the Jitter Buffer option to Enabled.


Quality of Service Settings

If you want to configure Type of Service or Class of Service parameters on the outgoing signaling (TOSCOS) or RTP media (TOS AudioCOS Audio) packets, enter the values in the appropriate values in the fields.

  • Allowed values for TOS and TOS Audio are: CSO, CSI, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CS7, AFII, AF12, AF13, AF21, AF22, AF23, AF31, AF32, AF33, AF41 , AF42, AF43 and EF
  • Allowed values for COS and COS Audio are: From 0 to 7


Advanced General Settings

If you want to change the default port number (2727) that is used by the UCX system for communication with MGCP phones (for example for security reasons), enter the desired port number in the Bind Port field. This requires MGCP phones to be set to use the alternate Port number as well.


  • Bind Address: The IP address to bind to and listen for MGCP messages on the Bind Port. If blank or set to Asterisk will listen on all addresses. It is recommended to leave this field blank.
  • Bind Port: The UDP port The UCX will bind to and listen for MGCP messages.
  • First Digit Timeout: First Digit Timeout in milliseconds. Default 16000 (how long to wait for each of the following digits)
  • Next Digit Timeout: Next Digit Timeout in milliseconds. Default 8000 (how long to wait for the first digit)
  • Match Digit Timeout: Match Digit Timeout in milliseconds. Default 3000 (how long to wait for an extra digit if there is an ambiguous match)