Galaxy Mini – Front and Rear Panel Interfaces
The following is a description of the interface connectors, status indicators, and buttons available on the Galaxy Mini chassis.

Front Panel


The Galaxy Mini has an internal “UPS” battery that detects the loss of power from the Power Input connection (see below). If power is lost, the Galaxy Mini will enter a power saving mode and begin executing a shutdown process. The system will beep until it is completely shutdown. This process can take approximately one minute to complete.  Reconnecting the power prior to the completion of the shutdown process is not recommended.

The RST (Reset) Button is used by the Galaxy Mini to initiate an immediate shutdown of the system, bypassing the power saving mode that uses the internal UPS battery. This is the most reliable and quickest method for recycling the power on the Galaxy Mini, i.e. depressing the RST button for at least 0.25 seconds, waiting for the shutdown to complete, then disconnecting and reconnecting the power.

Note that if the RST (Reset) Button is depressed for at least 0.25 seconds the system will be shutdown and you will be required to unplug the power from the unit and plug it back in again to restart the system.

LED Indicators:

 LED IndicatorColorStatus
 Power Indicator (PWR)Green: ContinuousPower is ON
 Status Indicator (RUN)Green: Flashing (1 sec)Normal Operation
 Ethernet 0 (WAN)Green: FlashingPlugged-in, Active
 Ethernet 1 (LAN)Green: FlashingPlugged-in, Active
 Indicators for FXO Modules Red: Flashing (1 sec)Normal
  Red: ContinuousConnected
  Red: Flashing (0.1 sec)Communicating
 Indicators for FXS ModulesGreen: ContinuousNormal
  Green: Flashing (0.1 sec)Communicating

All LED indicators will flash during the system initialization process. The Galaxy Mini will beep once to indicate the initialization is complete. (The unit will also beep six times when power is no longer detected.)

Rear Panel


The rear panel is used solely for plugging in the included 12 VDC, 2.33 A power supply.